Music Video featured on fdrmx New York with review!

„Call Me Cleo gets pixelated in their electric music video Forever On Alert. Through some nifty effects, lead singer Susanne Folk is transformed into a robotic creature that’s half the villain from Tron and half the final boss from an 80′s Nintendo game. While the visuals may carry a bit of influence from the Reagan era, don’t write off this video as outdated. The effects are cutting edge in creativity, with special mention to the wondrous light show at the end.
Underneath the glittery effects of the video is a poignant message about social media and how constant exposure may be making the prospect of relaxing impossible. Call Me Cleo points out how the omnipresence of electronic communication makes one, well, forever on alert. The image of a disembodied head atop a heap of computer hardware emphasizes this music video plea for the viewer to take a much-needed break from web.
Just make sure you watch this video before your break!“

Max Simone

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