Next Show:

Friday, 10th of January @ B-flat, Berlin

Dircksenstr.40, 10178 Berlin – Mitte


Album „Everything that I got“ OUT NOW!

You can order a digital copy here:

It´s also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and lots more!

Album Release May 14th @ Auster Club

Album Preorder on iTunes/Apple Music now!!!

Album Release May 14th on!!!

Available on digital platforms, as for instance iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Deezer and lots more!!!


new video „Little Secret“

Check it out here ☛


The album is done!!!     15 Songs!     Working hard on its release now!

Next show: 14 th of May @ Auster Club, Berlin!!  Don´t miss it!  With amazing opener: Double bass player/ singer /multi-instrumentalist: Miles Perkin!

Our Dance Music Video is being made to „Little Secret“! With Choreographer/Dancer Camille Chapon and myself (Cleo) and Dan McGarry on lights, cams & edits! So exciting!

First Album!

We are in the midst of recording, editing and mixing our first album!!! Will be done this fall!!!

Stay tuned!

Next Shows

MAY 14th 2019 @ Auster Club Berlin

Support: Miles Perkin

begin 8 p.m. – Tickets here:



April 20th 2018

at 9 p.m. @ Zimmer 16, Berlin  

– sort of unplugged –

introducing our 5th band member for the first time! 


May 3rd 2018

at 9 p.m. @ Kaffee Burger, Berlin



Working behind the scenes

Hi everyone!

You might be wondering why there are no shows at the moment…

We are not asleep! There is work going on behind the scenes: New songs are being written, the planning of a cd production is in progress! I will keep you updated! Please hang in there!

Yours truly, Cleo

Shows in 2016

July 15th – Exhibition Opening  – Shifting Focus @ Künstlerquartier Bethanien, Berlin


new live trailer


Here´s our brand new LIVE TRAILER ☛